Respect and Dignity Workshops

A workplace without respect is like a tree without roots.

Good news. Harassment and misconduct is largely preventable and is therefore squarely in your company’s span of control. Raising awareness via education is the by far the best road to combating harassment. Less firefighting, more prevention.

With 20 year’s of experience facilitating award winning workshops, our CEO, Warren Postlewaite, has learned that workshops are the most effective if they focus on helping people understand the underlying causes of harassment and misconduct while showcasing how to address abusive and disruptive behaviors. Warren feels education is the best way to transform workplace cultures.

A storyteller, Warren uses a non-standard playbook to harness the power of inspiration. Using the magical power of imagery, video, music and dynamic team-building activities, Warren aims to empower people’s responsibility, accountability and self-management. In short, to give personnel tools they need to do their job in a respectful manner; after all, employees can’t use tools and skills that they don’t currently have.

A full or half-day workshop, customized to your unique needs is available to inspire, engage and educate. A moment in time to pause and see the personal dignity in everyone, avoid unwelcome behaviours and put values into action.

Covering timely & relevant topics including but not limited to:

  • Gateway behaviours to harassment such as incivility, intolerance and bystander silence;
  • Define what harassment is, and isn’t (results in fewer harassment claims being made when they do not meet the standard);
  • Outlines rights and responsibilities;
  • Demystify the difference between conflict and harassment;
  • Real tools to de-escalate conflict;
  • Reinforce the importance of fun work & learning environments, what 360 calls the ‘happiness advantage;’
  • Introduce the topic of dominant social groups including unconscious bias & blindspots;
  • How to object to a harasser;
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Cyberbullying;
  • Social media misconduct;
  • Cultural competence; allyship; intersectionality (diversity, equity, inclusion, BIPOC unconscious bias), and
  • Bespoke team-building (growth mindset).

360 has found that organizations often underwhelm overwhelming behavioural problems. This is your opportunity to get out in front and invest in prevention ⎯ a workshop now is less costly than an investigation later.