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360 Workplace Solutions

Warren Postlewaite, BSW
360 CEO | Principal Investigator

As CEO for 360 Workplace Solutions, Warren is a certified investigator with expertise managing allegations of misconduct, harassment/discrimination, violence and professional malpractice. An accomplished leader in the area of organizational values, Warren’s boasts two decades of practical experience in manager, director and senior labour relation’s roles including Lead Investigator for the two largest employers in Saskatchewan − Saskatchewan Health Authority and University of Saskatchewan.

Appointed by the Ministry of Health and Lieutenant Governor in Council, Warren is currently a member of the Professional Conduct Committee for the Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists (Regulatory Body).

In addition to investigative interventions, Warren has a well-rounded skillset with understanding the complexities of organizational and interpersonal workplace dynamics. His depth of experience allows him to provide expert advice to ensure highly charged workplace issues are managed with sensitivity and fairness – for his contributions to this space Warren has been awarded the prestigious Saskatchewan Health Care Excellence Award and has received commendations from the Saskatchewan Premier and Health Minister.

Further, as an industry leader in the behavioural change arena, Warren is not only a reputable intervener, but also a presenter who energizes dialogues and engages thoughtfully and empathetically with difficult topic matters.

In his professional journey Warren has found that organizations often underwhelm overwhelming behavioural problems; as such, as a forward thinker and idea farmer, he is built for change. Whether intervening with extraordinary workplace events, conducting highly complex workplace investigations or facilitating a compelling workshop, Warren always seeks to empower employees and leaders to embrace the just, sustainable and kind workspaces that we all strive for; hence, “better lives at work.”

Kurt Sandstrom, KC

Kurt is a lawyer, consultant and former executive holding Assistant Deputy Minister positions in the British Columbia and Alberta public services.   Kurt has 30 years of experience in law and over 20 years in government, with 15 years as an executive leading transformative change in public service organizations.
A constitutional and Indigenous law lawyer with appearances before the Supreme Court of Canada and the United Nations, Kurt led the Legal Services departments in the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.  He championed the Safe Communities initiative in Alberta, a cross-ministry collaboration of over 9 ministries tasked with making communities safer and headed up BC’s justice reform area in the Ministry of Attorney General.  He taught constitutional law and history, constitutional litigation, and law, public policy and dispute resolution at the Universities of Alberta and Victoria faculties of law for over a decade. 
Kurt’s passion is creating real, lasting, and innovative change through strategic planning, change management, project delivery, organizational design, and user and stakeholder engagement. Kurt believes that transformational change is no accident and requires a supporting structure for success. Leading change requires an engaged and empowered workforce, sound vision, mission, mandate and values, a strategic plan and effective project delivery approaches. He has extensive experience in organizational re-design of public sector organizations to achieve first rate results.

He has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Justice policy, legislative and policy reform, and access to justice initiatives (led Justice’s legislative reform area with responsibility for over 100 statutes)
  • Indigenous policy, Indigenous justice reform, Indigenous justice strategies and consultation models
  • Indigenous courts and other specialized courts such as drug courts, integrated courts, integrated justice services models, community courts, domestic violence courts, and other related models.
  • Justice system engagement through stakeholder vehicles and justice summits
  • Tribunals and tribunal transformation, including expanding the mandate of BC’s Civil Resolution Tribunal
  • Justice system modernization, virtualization, and court reform, including the BC virtual bail model and online traffic court model
  • Family law reform through the Early Resolution Program in BC and revised Provincial Court family rules, expanded Justice Access Centres, and mediation models
  • Judicial compensation commissions and structures
  • Program operations including the BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, Family Justice Counsellors, Office of the Superintendent of Professional
  • Governance, and the Independent Investigations Office
  • Police oversight through the Independent Investigations Office and Chief Civilian Director
  • Creation of Crown agencies, (the Family Maintenance Agency in BC)

An accomplished facilitator, Kurt has assisted parties come together to solve intractable problems creatively.

Andrew Bergen, MA, ACC
Mediator and Certified Leadership Coach

Andrew is a skilled facilitator, incorporating elements of problem-solving skills, group dynamics, and thinking tools to assist groups in strategic planning and stakeholder input.

His training, from The Justice Institute of B.C., included processes and tools for effectively working with conflict, assisting parties to come to collaborative solutions. Andrew follows the practice of Interest-Based Problem Solving in his work when mediating conflict. He is also educated in effective team process, including the use of the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory.

Throughout his career, Andrew has been involved in the education sector in several different ways. Beginning as a teacher in inner city schools, he developed a passion for helping people learn, develop their potential and find those “aha” moments. This work with students provided multiple arenas to hone his conflict resolution skills. It was during his time working with inner city schools that he was introduced to the concept of Interest Based Problem Solving. Using this model as a volunteer with the California Department of Justice, Andrew assisted many juvenile offenders to reconcile with their victims and find new ways of relating to each other.

Andrew offers over 20 years of experience as a skilled mediator. He is also a certified coach at the ACC level with the International Coach Federation.

Coralee Pringle-Nelson, MEd, Psych (SK), PhD, Educational Administration

Coralee Pringle-Nelson is a registered psychologist (#638, SK) and has a PhD in Educational Administration. Her research interests include leadership and posttraumatic growth. Coralee has worked in the public sector as a clinician, clinical supervisor, manager, and leader for the last 17 years.  She has experience working in mental health and education, as well as in the justice, social services, and postsecondary sectors. 
Coralee has an active private practice dedicated to supporting individuals address anxiety and depression in their lives and provide assistance following traumatic events. Coralee provides training and consultation to organizations focusing on the mental health of employees, and how to thrive after adverse events. Coralee is experienced using Cognitive Behavior Therapy and trained in Emotion Freedom Techniques and Traumatic Events Systems to name a few.
Coralee is the co-author of Nurturing Your Writing Calm (October 2018) a book dedicated to writers who desire to expand their creative potential. The nurturing your writing calm process has been utilized with entrepreneurs to enhance their business practice, using the written word to engage their audiences.

Jillian Siskind, LLB, LLM
Lawyer, Investigator, Consultant

With an LL.B, J.D (cum laude) from University of Ottawa and LL.M from the University of Toronto, Jillian has been practicing law since 2002 and is currently called to the bar in Ontario.

Jillian has extensive legal experience in industry and professional regulatory environments as well as prosecutions, hearings before discipline panels and administrative tribunals. As a senior advisor in corporate, legal and political settings, Jillian focuses on open communication with clients to ensure each issue is thoroughly and properly addressed and resolved.

Jillian has represented a number of professional regulators conducting discipline hearings, provincial prosecutions, arbitrations, civil litigation and appeals. She has represented the federal crown in criminal prosecutions for narcotic and immigration offences, and the provincial crown for offences under the Occupational Health and Safety Act for critical injuries sustained at worksites.

Jillian served as legal counsel for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and Senior Legal Counsel at Tarion Warranty Corporation, the regulator for the home building industry in Ontario. She is currently appointed as Statutory Director for the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario, overseeing all investigations and prosecutions for the organization. In private practice she works with a number of Ontario’s industry regulators as well as private businesses providing strategic advice and legal representation on a variety of legal matters. As an expert in enforcement and compliance matters she also designs operating models and frameworks to increase efficiency in regulatory and compliance regimes, with a view to being proactive versus reactive.

With an expertise in policies, procedures and required regulatory frameworks, she compares trends and approaches in various jurisdictions and formulates recommendations and provides oversight on the implementation of policy regimes.

Jillian also acts as a consultant to organizations with issues related to privacy and privacy breaches, Access to Information, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and data protection strategies and legislation related to workplace safety, harassment and discrimination matters.

Jillian is currently an executive member of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) Administrative Law Section and is a past executive member of the OBA’s Real Property Section. She is an active member of the education and conference committees of the Society of Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR) and is a Certified Construction Adjudicator with the Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts (ODACC).

Jillian served for seven years as the President of Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights (CLAIHR). Further, she has worked in the Office of the Prosecutor (war crimes) at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

Jillian is an invaluable legal resource who can advise on client matters or take carriage over investigations and legal reports. In addition to being on the roster at 360 Workplace Solutions, Jillian is the founder and principal at Jillian M. Siskind & Associates, Toronto, Ontario.

Daniela Vaschi, MA
Organizational Psychology Consultant

With more than fifteen years of multidisciplinary experience, including ten years at the executive level within global operations, Daniela is a versatile navigator of mindful change management design and implementation, with a focus on organizational optimization and human capital.

As a scientist-practitioner Daniela is trained as an Organizational and Industrial Psychologist (Alder School of Professional Psychology, Vancouver) and is a member of the International Organization Development Association, performing ongoing meta-analytic research on Emotional Intelligence. With her particular interest and expertise in Emotional Intelligence, Daniela researches and advises on leadership and motivation, positive organizations and group and team dynamics.

The former CEO of United Greeneries Ltd., Daniela is an accomplished and dynamic executive who cultivated a top-performing team and company within a highly regulated industry. Her past work experience also includes a track record of successfully leading complex improvement initiatives in the automotive industry.

A people-developer, Daniela subscribes to a strength-based modality that focusses on building resilient workplace cultures, enabling cooperation and creating sustainable business strategies.

With a successful background in developing business structures from ground-zero, as well as rebuilding infrastructure after mergers and acquisitions, downsizing and turnarounds, Daniela works with teams to identify motivations, enablers and effects of positive organizational patterns in order to capitalize on them. Her approach focuses on the development of employee strengths to bring forth restorative power to the work environment.