Speaking Engagements

A twist on the ordinary.

Do you want to energize a dialogue about respectful workplace cultures? Does your organization need a mighty call-to-action? Our CEO, Warren Postlewaite, is an award-winning presenter and short film maker with experience delivering his unique message to groups as large as 2000 people to as small as 2.

Culture is your company’s greatest possession. At 360 we believe that one employee’s efforts, multiplied by a few more, then hundreds, can bring inspiring culture change over time and build enhanced respect in your commons.

A compelling change agent, Warren’s story-telling will inspire your employees and leaders to further transform your workplace culture into the just, sustainable and kind spaces that we all strive for.

Custom tailored to your unique needs, exploring topics such as failing harder, burning platforms, leading without a title and caring by example, Warren’s speaking engagements discuss how respectful workplaces empower individuals, teams and companies.

We all spend a lot of time at work – what’s more important than having the tools to build positive, respectful relationships with our colleagues and collaborators? Warren gives life learning recipes that set people up to succeed in the workplace.

360 Workplace Solutions CEO Warren Postlewaite moves the dial with innovative, dynamic content, great auditory and visual tools. Warren will enlighten, provoke and enlist you in creating a more respectful workplace culture.