Mediation/Conflict Resolution

You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.

At 360 we believe conflict resolution should be assessed on its merit and dealt with in a timely fashion at its lowest levels.

We find mediation is best facilitated by a neutral party who can initially meet with the parties privately to map the tension and develop a plan to work toward the goal of having both parties sitting in a safe room to seek solutions, together.

Our mediator and certified coach, Andrew Bergen, believes mediation can provide persons in conflict opportunity to understand one another, acknowledge the hurt and work together to restore harmony; hence, a shared responsibility to resolve differences and create a preferred future.

A 360 mediation can:

  • Clear the air
  • Rebuild strained relationships
  • Establish rules (social contract) for future engagement
  • Help maintain a professional work relationship
  • Clarify outstanding questions
  • Help everyone recognize the adverse impact

Without doubt, mediation has a proven pedigree to produce dramatic benefits to all involved; consequently, at 360 we dive deep to ensure we are not wrongly assessing a routine conflict as harassment.