Workplace Investigations

Don’t leave inferences to be drawn when facts can be presented.

Harassment is unlawful behaviour. Employers have a legal duty of care to protect workers. This duty may require your company to investigate allegations of harassment or misconduct. Failure to investigate can result in costly legal jeopardy, scrutiny by regulators and government agencies and employees can lose faith in management’s ability to provide a harassment-free workplace.

The call for an investigation often arises in the midst of heightened situation under a constrained timeline. 360 can provide the stabilizing influence needed to effectively respond and map out an investigative plan. The deliberate and careful design of a precision-planned harassment investigation allows all of those involved to understand and have confidence in the process.

Stakes are high. Clarity, discretion, accuracy and experience matters.

With 20 years of reputable experience, including Lead Workplace Investigator for the two largest employers in Saskatchewan, our Principal Investigator ⎯ Warren Postlewaite ⎯ brings unparalleled practical experience investigating within unionized and non unionized environments.

A credentialed and certified investigator, Warren has an accomplished resume investigating all harassment types, employee misconduct, sexual violence, theft, fraud, conflict of interest, patient abuse, and professional practice contraventions for regulated professionals and privacy and confidentiality breaches. Warren has a superior command of his art and has led some of the Province’s highest profile workplace investigations.

360 offers an independent third-party solution that increases investigative legitimacy and minimizes bias claims. 360 can also call upon its legal team to assert privilege to matters within the investigation. Offering neutrality and drawing upon two decades of collective investigative experience, 360 delivers a strong report with legally defensible findings.

360 can manage your company’s most complex matters involving multiple complainants or respondents, counter-complaints, complex legal issues, unwitnessed allegations, historic allegations, retaliation, whistleblower and anonymous complaints.