Experience Matters When the Stakes Are High

360 Workplace Solutions has deep expertise in workplace investigations and complex harassment cases. According to the Government of Canada, 60% of employees have now experienced harassment in the workplace.

While it’s our commitment to produce strong investigative interventions we believe in equipping the workplace with even stronger prevention programs. Our team of seasoned investigators, lawyers, mediators and psychologists collaborate to guide our clients with superior, well rounded service.

360 can provide your company with:

  • Exceptional Workplace Investigations and precise investigative reports.
  • Compelling and dynamic prevention strategies such as Respect & Dignity Workshops, Mediations, Workplace Assessments and Speaking Engagements.
  • Advising on or creating Policies that are not only compliant but appropriate for your specific needs.
  • Distressful Event Response providing specialized workplace supports to calm and nourish systems following a distressing event.

With a relationship-driven philosophy, 360 will guide you every step of the way. As a client you will receive superior communication and 360 will be by your side, full circle, from start to finish.